The Madaraka Culinary Express

(Photos: Keith Flannagan.)

Happy Madaraka Day!

Kenya is celebrating 54 years of internal self rule!

That’s right! 54 years of making our own decisions ranging from all things politics, business, medicine, and of course, food. After all, food is the TRUE backbone of a working economy. They say show me a well-fed nation and I’ll show you a successful people. Who says? I’m not sure. Maybe one of the old men from the village. Anyway, I digress.

At the top of the celebrations is the launch of the Standard Gauge Railway which has aptly been named The Madaraka Express. So I decided to jump on this funfare (points for originality, yes?) and give you….THIS! We’re celebrating 54 years of great food from creative Kenyan minds; foods that have defined this nation since time immemorial, those that can only be made when we have visitors and only under the surest hands of Aunty Serah. Yeees, you know those ones. With that in mind, the month of June here at Simba’s Jiko has been dedicated to exploring these Kenyan must-haves. Everything from history to the surest recipes will be on this month’s platter. Which are they, you ask?


The perfect round ones.

Not that jagged edges nonsense.

The soft, aromatic ones.



Mandazi, Pilau, Matumbo, Mukimo, Matoke, Fish Stew

And of course,


So wipe your tears dear Stella from the plot. Simba’s got you. No more crisp, burnt chapatis. No more hard mandazis. No more “ugali” rice. We’re here to save a life this month, and maybe a relationship 😀 I promise the recipes will be simple to follow and as tasty as Chevda (should we do a recipe for that as well? Comments!)

How about you tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend? You do that and I’ll see you back here next week for the Madaraka Culinary Express!

Happy Madaraka day,

Chef Mondo!


Cover Image:  © MichaelKhateli