Simbas’s Cocky Cocktails!

You need to be sitting down for this one!

Are you sitting down?

Good! Because, I have a list of things that Still, Sparkling or Flavoured  water can’t do.

Now, have you ever had such a good day that all you wanted to do was celebrate? Water cannot help you celebrate, to be honest. What about a hard day, what with your boss all up in your grill? Water cannot help you calm down or can it?. What about you trying to get the conversation started at the club with a potential “target” of the opposite gender [or the same]; we don’t judge. Hey! It’s a free world. Will water help you do that? No, it won’t.

But you know what will? Read on!

In all fair warning, this post (and the series that follows it) will feature alcohol to varying levels. On some days, you’ll have as little as 5%; on good days, anywhere between 10-30% will suffice; and on those extremely difficult days, ladies and gentlemen, please arm yourself with anything 40% and above [calling all my Jack Daniels fans, what’s up? #MoreLife]

Brathes and Mathes [read: brath-AY and math-AY], watunguyaz and warembo, welcome to the beautiful world of COCKTAILS! Your ever-faithful companions to good, bad, and terrible days. Your perfect buddy to life. Your sip of freshness.

Your….fill in the blanks!

Over the next couple of posts, we’ll dive tongue-deep into the ever evolving (and highly artistic and liberal) world of these “devil drinks” that have the power to loosen even the tightest of lips. What makes a cocktail tick? What transforms an otherwise ‘basic’ looking drink and gives it a ‘wow’ factor? And the best part, how can YOU whip one up from the comfort of your own kitchen?

Wouldn’t you want to be the guy (or girl) with the happening home bar? Then this is for you.

To spice things up, we’ll even add some specially crafted stickers from Simba’s own bar to serve as a guide for you along the way and turn you into a pro mixologist in just a few short reads. From the drinks that work best as “Panty Droppers”(Team Mafisi I gat ya) to the Deal Closers”, “the Sundowners to the outright “FIRE” cocktails, I bet you’ll be a pro in all of them at the end. 

So, are you ready for this you slight drunkard you? (“No, I’m not a drunkard. I’m a social drinker!”

(*Coughs in denial*)


Dive in! or rather, Sip In!  :mrgreen: 





 P.S. Water is good for you.  Stay hydrated!  You don’t want a hangover!