Simba’s Back!



Cooking is an art!

And as is with every art, as someone once said (I’ve never really known who this ‘someone’ is and under what authority he/she says these things), “Every artist needs his muse!” Same goes for chefs like us (yes, even you, my dear RoyCo champion); we are artists and we have muses. You know, those things that keep us up at night chasing every passionate dream that comes our way igniting and burning us from the inside out.

Welcome back to Simba’s Jiko!

We’ve been on a break! Why?

Well, simply put, (this is like that Uber story that nobody had the patience to finish) we were on a break to reinvent ourselves, you could say. We were on a ‘muse hunt’, a journey to find things that would reignite our passion for the finer culinary arts. And what a beautiful journey it has been! Long story short, Simba’s Jiko is back, ready to indulge you in the sights and sounds from our journey in and around the country. Are you ready?

Kenya is an exciting place!

It’s people and their palates are even more exciting!

The only way to give you a comprehensive guide for the ever-evolving Kenyan tastebuds is to break up the chunks into bite-size pieces. That’s why, if you take a look around, you’ll notice we’ve changed things here and there; you could say we’ve gone all ‘salt-bae’ on the blog.

So what’s new?  

Obviously, the layout 😂

But other than that, now we have something fresh, tasty and exciting for everyone.

Mondo Mondays!

Mondays are all about Mondo!

Every week, we’ll let you send in a list of your fave random ingredients. Chef Mondo will shake them up and put out a fancy dish (that even YOU can do) from the otherwise ‘random’ mix. Stay put for #MondoMondays.

Mama Nani!

Tuesdays have us visiting Mama Nani: Have you ever wondered why your grandmother’s chapatis are the best thing to have happened to our generation? Or why your mother’s ‘mince and minjii’ stew has you up all night wondering whatever did you do to deserve such love?  A visit to Cucu’s, Mum’s, or even  Auntie’s  kitchen to see how they craft those finger-licking meals will soon put that mystery to rest . We don’t want to divulge too much so…see you here every Tuesday.

Simba’s Jiko is all about inclusivity and every now and then, we’ll also be featuring guest chefs (and chef-esses? :-D) like our very own Miss Rosie Raye.

Kibanda Diaries!

For all of you working or studying in Nairobi, we know how you appreciate a steaming plate from your local ‘Kibanda’. The food is affordable and it tastes great! Because of that, every now and then, we’ll be having Kibanda Diaries! Here, we’ll be sampling a new kibanda showcasing the best of ‘chapo-madondo’ or ‘ugali-nyama-sukuma-shikilia’. From 10 bob chapo’s to 30 bob rice, we’ll take a look at it all!

But one of the most exciting things that we’re doing this time round is . . .

*drumroll please*

Restaurant Reviews!

*Inaudible screams from the audience*

*Realizes how cool we are by ourselves*

As said, we’ve been around this beautiful country over our break and we’ve gotten to encounter some of the most exciting hidden and not-so-hidden gems, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it; from the good to the bad and to the straight up ugly.

We’ll keep it affordable (you Kenyan, you!) and we’ll keep it exclusive enough so you definitely don’t want to miss out on that.

In addition to that, Simba himself will be on the prowl every now and then talking to you, finding out what you love about Kenyan food, your face dishes, how you make them, etc. We are the spice of life, each of us unique in our own ways. If you’d like to be on the prowl with Simba, leave us a message below!

Lastly, kuuliza si ujinga 😀 If you have any questions, queries or suggestions about anything we’re cooking up (or you’d like to see us cooking up), let us know and we’ll make it happen. From how-to’s to Everyday Kitchen Hacks, we’re ready for it all.

As you can see, there’s lots happening this year at Simba’s Jiko and we want you to be part of it all. So in the meantime, do check out the new layout, let us know what you think in the comments below, tell a friend, share the page and stay tuned!

Bottom line,

Simba’s back!

— Simba!