Mango Coconut Tropicana

Mango Coconut Tropicana

There’s something beautiful about Njjaaanuarys in Kenya. The sun comes out to play — sometimes a little bit too much -we’re clocking 28 degree weather and a heat wave is coming guys! — Is it just me or everyone’s in shorts and cheap sunglasses. One thing I really love about this time of year is MANGOES!
It’s mango season!
What that means is that for every trip you mother to Murang’a, you’re bound to come home with at least 3 sack-fulls of mangoes. This is probably be great thing . . .at first. But one week later, you’re left wondering, “What the hell am I to do with all these mangoes?”
Don’t worry!
I’m here to bless your life this year. For the next couple of recipes, we’ll take a walk down maembe lane and see how we can add that extra spark to an otherwise BOMB fruit. So let’s get started with today’s Mango Coconut Tropicana.
Mango Coconut Tropicana Smoothie
Yields 1
This recipe works great as an early to mid morning pairing with your breakfast or as an energy boost. It's a very easy smoothie to make and could be made ahead of time AND only needs 3 ingredients!
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Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 4 Mangoes pealed and chopped.
  2. 1 Glass Fresh Coconut Water
  3. 1 Glass Ice cubes.
  4. Mint and dessicated coconut to garnish.
  1. Put the Mango, Coconut Water and Ice cubes into a food processor or blender, then process until smooth and thick.
  2. Pour in a glass and garnish with coconut and mint.
  3. Serve immediately and store waterer remains in the fridge.
  1. For Coconut Water, from fresh, green coconuts which are available at your nearest grocer. I get mine over at the City Park Market in Parklands. Make sure you ask to have them shaved-not cut open.
Simbas Jiko

Jungle Safety:

  1. Wash your fruits!!! This may seem like a small thing but unwashed fruits can cause Salmonella along with a range of other diseases. Remember how we talked about bacteria not being your friend in our  last post?   So, wash your hands, wash your fruits!
  2. DO NOT USE COCONUT CREAM!!! Trust me, I have tried it and seen how it ruins the mix. Coconut cream has a way of imposing its taste and texture taking away the desired fresh kick from the Tropicana.
  3. If you’re working with ripe to overripe mangoes, it helps to store them in your fridge beforehand. This slows down the ripening process and preserves the firm freshness of the mangoes before you work with them.
  4. Finally, once you’ve made the Tropicana, consume it within 3 days. You will have to take it out of the fridge multiple times for servings which will expose the mix to oxygen. What does this lead to? Fermentation! When you start to notice an acidic zingy flavour to your juice, its probably  time to drink up!

I think you’re now sorted for this impossible weather. So go ahead and try out the recipe yourself. Afterwards, take a photo, post it on your social platforms and tag @simbasjiko with #iamsimbasjiko and stand a chance to win yourself an invite to the next Rooftop Cookout!

“There’s plenty of juice to keep this economy going.”
— Steve Forbes —
– Chef Mondo