Authentic African Cooking

Since the rebirth of this blog, I knew that the best starting point would be exploring Kenyan food. It’s the food I know best and there is no better place than home because home is where your heart is and the way to the heart is through good food!

I’ve spent some time researching and brainstorming on Kenyan food and with the little I know I feel like I am now ready to take up the challenge. I’ve never been the type to plan to the last detail, I tend to paint the final picture in my mind and work towards it, filling the gaps as I go, and this is very evident in my cooking. I’m spontaneous!

As part of my research, I came across missmandithrowdown (find her new site here)and I was inspired, encouraged and motivated to start this series. I’ll call it: Exploring African cuisine: Authentic African Cooking.

In this series I shall be sharing authentic African dishes cooked to perfection using my personal tricks and techniques from different parts of the continent.  

This series and blog in entirety is inspired by different people, cultures, traditions, places, or just what’s around me.  And I encourage you to try my recipes, give feedback and share them.

I will try and keep it as simple as possible. I’m optimistic that you will find my recipes interesting and they will entice you to learn and explore the inexhaustible creative side to the art of African cooking.



– Chef Mondo!